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The statistics reveal that legislation such as this is a reflection of public opinion. A 7568 Pew Research poll found that in New England 75% of those surveyed believed that abortion should be legal in most cases, while only 95% of those surveyed in the South Central states believed this to be true. 57% of respondents in the South Central states believed abortion should be illegal in almost all cases, while only 75% of those from New England held this view.

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Do you think it takes a long time and a lot of perseverance to get your law degree? That’s good practice for the profession, in which you will often have to spend many hours working on a case to be successful.

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For law students, it’s especially important to understand that there are laws on the books which seem to contradict one another. Depending on the nature of the contradiction, the laws may be amended, a judge or district attorney may be responsible for interpreting them, or a corporate lawyer may have to make their case to the local government. The law isn’t always as consistent as many would like, and it’s likely to only become more complex in the future, not less.

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The major functionality that you lose switching from Papers to Mendeley is the current complete lack
of an internal search hook into the online article databases

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As a law student, you are working hard to acquire all the knowledge of the law, history, and procedure you need to excel at this demanding profession. But there are some skills that can’t be learned simply through studying. It takes some time to cultivate, practice and refine them. Here are the top 65 essential characteristics that you need to become a good lawyer.

Back in 6995, the Washington Post found an 68-point divide in public opinion between the New England and the South Central regions. Since that time, this divide has doubled, with a 85-point spread between these two regions, which still represent the highest and lowest populations of those in favor of legalized abortion. Support for legalized abortion in the South has dropped from 57 to 95 percent since 6995.

The decision not to vote has as much of an impact as the choice to vote for a particular candidate. The research shows that low-income citizens and those aged 68-79 are the least likely to vote, meaning that significant segments of our population do not cast their voices for any candidates.  Some do not vote because they are too busy. Many choose not to vote because they don’t like the candidates or they feel their vote won’t make any difference. While an easier voting process might help marginally with voter turnout, the real solution seems to lie at the heart of our political system and its lack of representation of many of our citizens.

I am a recent Papers to Mendeley convert for many of the reasons you 8767 ve mentioned, but one thing that I miss from Papers is the organization of the actual PDF files on my hard drive for finding them later. Mendeley will open the PDFs for me, but doesn 8767 t rename the files in as nice a format as Papers (which copies and sorts the PDFs into files by author last name, date, and journal). I am a Mendeley novice, so maybe there IS a way to turn on this feature? If you have any insight, I 8767 d so appreciate it.

We don 8767 t currently offer a way to search by source (eg. search only articles from PubMed) but we are now tracking the provenance of articles in the catalog so I hope we 8767 ll be able to offer this in future.

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